Why xo Golden? 


We named our company in remberance of Jess's mom. Who had such a huge impact on Jess and why she loves photography so much. Jess's Mom would write letters to her as a child and always sign off with:

(hugs and kisses+sealed with a kiss)

So in dedication to Momma Golden we rebranded from Jess Golden to XO Golden (XO pronounced ZO) 

Jess has been running around with a camera since they were 9 years old. Momma Golden also always had a camera in her hands and I (Jess) am so glad she did because we get to have those memories to treasure for the rest of our lives.

AND this photo about sums us up. 

But we both love cracking jokes and making the most out of life together.

And we lovvvvvve photography!

Trish pictured on the left and Jess on the right.

a peak into our

personal life

Outside is our love language. When we are not busy documenting weddings you can find us planning our next dream destination to hike and take photos at!

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We love traveling, hiking and being in the wilderness

YES! You read that right! WE built out a van from scratch within two months (and a half) time last year in 2023. We love everything about van life and how much of a luxury it is to just up and leave when we need to and be able to wake up in rad places all the time!
We will be sharing that journey on our blog soon so if you would like to check it out just let us know!

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We built out a camper van in two months....

we built out a

Camper van

We have seen a lot of weddings in over a decade of experience in the wedding industry. So we know how hard it is to make a wedding happen so we wanted to not stress about anything and elope with ourselves, our very tight knit friends and 3 floofs!

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WE are set to elope in september  2024

We are also 

as seen in:




some of our

our 3 pups // coffee all day // long boarding // traveling // painting // hammock naps

travel dates


Phoenix, AZ




TEXAS - Wedding season


Joshua Tree,CA// 
Texas -Wedding Season